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White electric car with a cinch numberplate

Electric cars on cinch

Plug into the benefits of making your drive more electric, and choose from a wide range of electric cars to buy entirely online.

While Tesla might own a lot of the fame in the electric car market, there’s quite the range of electric cars available today, and plenty to choose from at cinch. Explore the options and discover which benefits you could take advantage of, including zero-emissions, lower running costs and slower depreciation.

If you’re new to EVs (so much potential bundled up into a two-letter nickname), take a look at our electric vehicle FAQ and browse our full range here. They’re available to purchase or finance, and we even deliver to your door.

Benefits of an electric car

  • Lower emissions

    = eco smugness

  • Cheaper tax

    and congestion charge exemption

  • Quieter and smoother

    drive than engine cars

  • Charge at home

    meaning no petrol station queues

  • Own cutting edge

    exciting technology

Charging an electric car

How do I charge an electric car?

From how long it takes to how much it costs; we cover all you need to know.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

This varies depending on where you charge – a motorway service station is going to cost considerably more than charging off-peak at home. Still, for many motorists, it’s all much less than a tank of petrol – but it’s best to find out more about the costs before deciding on a specific model.

Electric car range

This is usually measured in miles or kilometers, and is the distance a car can travel on full charge without needing to recharge. Like a petrol car’s miles per gallon calculation, electric car range will vary depending on driving style, road scenario and the day’s temperatures.

Similar to fuel consumption, if you drive more efficiently, use fewer optional features like air con and heating; and avoid heavy acceleration, you’ll improve your range - just like miles per gallon in a petrol/diesel car.

Did you know?

EV technology is older than you think! Toyota released the Prius - the world's first hybrid electric car - back in 1997

Frequently asked questions

Jargon Buster

So many EV acronyms and new terms… what do they mean?

  • EV

    Electric Vehicle, a vehicle with a form of battery to store energy and use for motion of the car. These can be fully electric or some form of hybrid.

  • BEV

    Battery electric vehicle (Also known as pure EV) like a Tesla or Nissan Leaf.

  • HEV

    Hybrid-electric vehicle, no plugging in, the battery is charged by the engine.

  • PHEV

    Plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle, both petrol and electric and you can top-up by plugging in.

  • Kilowatt-hours (kWh)

    The car's battery capacity (basically, the amount of energy the car can store) the higher the number generally the more miles you’ll do between charge.

  • Range

    How many miles the manufacturer says it will travel on a full charge.

  • Lithium-ion

    The type of battery used to power an EV and other cool stuff like your smartphone.

  • ICE

    Internal combustion engine (the engine in a petrol or diesel car).